Chairman’s Speech

Marta Pool

Speech of the Chairman

Yue Wah Yeung Charity Association is a voluntary charitable organization set up by the Local Grassroots in November, 2002. Our goal is to alleviate poverty, support education and make every effort to help the vulnerable group in Hong Kong and Mainland China. With time goes by, here comes our 10th anniversary! Our association origins from one of my experiences. When I visited the North of Guangdong province, I came across some out-of-school rural children. They recommended themselves as guides and only charged RMB 1 as the remuneration. After communicating, I learned that they had been deprived due to poverty, which is regrettable! After coming back to Hong Kong, I realized that the dropout problem in China was quite serious and children of schools lost the opportunity to receive education! So, we raised the funds with the other founders and took our first step to build the Ying de Baisha Hong KongYue Wah Yeung Primary School in Ying cheng Town, Ying de City, Guangdong Province. It is said that “It takes a decade to grow trees but a century to rear people”. With ten years gone by, some of the benefited students have even furthered their education to universities and the living level in the rural area is becoming better and better. With the economy take-off, the original rural primary school has been merged into the central primary school and we left on a high note. Now we are seeking for other projects in order to spread and inherit such significant work.

Yue Wah Yeung Charity Association, as a voluntary organization. All the charity funds are raised by our members. This is why our supporting scope is limited. While, it doesn’t affect our enthusiasm. With all of our members’ effort, our association has been awarded the duty-free qualification from the Hong Kong government.

Except for donating schools in the mainland China, we also pay special attention to the vulnerable that need help and care. These people contain of the solitary elders, orphans, long-illness people, and recovered mental patients and so on. All of them desire for others’ help and care. We have been organizing our members to take part in the volunteering service plans under the Social Welfare Department since 2001. We expect to serve the public, put our goal into practice, benefit every person and develop the spirit of help and love with our existing resource via volunteer works. In the last 10 years, we have cooperated with “The HK Federation Of Youth Groups”, “Hong Chi Association”, “The Elderly Center Of Baptist Convention”, “Caritas Hong Kong”, “The Lutheran Church Hong Kong Synod”, “Tung Wah Group Of Hospital”, “The Neighborhoods Advice-Action Council”, “Pok Oi Hospital”, “St. James’ Settlement”, “The “Elderly Ministry”, “Social Service Center of Yan Chai Hospital”and other organizations to hold activities such as “ Spring-tea Party For The Elderly”, “ House Visiting And Cleaning”, “ Distributing Inflammation-resist Bags”, “Garments And Food”, “Retarded Children Travel”, “ Visiting The Elderly’ Homes” and “ Mid-Autumn Day Party”. Over tens of thousands of people have been benefited in these years.

Looking back at the past, we had firstly held two Hong Kong-Macao joint charity activities in Macao, which have benefited people of all ages apart from taking the lead to recruit Macao volunteers in the activity of “ New Year Shines The Aged 2013 Spring-tea Party For The Elderly” . Besides, charity activities in HK are tending to be more and more diverse, such as “The loving& caring blood donation activities”, “Photographing the old fellas”, “ Offering delicious food to the elders in Mid-Autumn Day” and the Mid- Autumn celebration activity of “ Staying with the vulnerable families”. All these activities are new attempts and they represent our effort to develop with the times.

Stepping into the second decade, we have established several philosophies. Firstly, to spread the spirit of love and public service from HK to other places in order to benefit all the people from China. Secondly, in order to make the theory of charity work more impressed, our association is going to set up long-standing volunteer teams and recruit more elites so as to improve the future service and widen the service target scope. Thirdly, our association is going to keep up with the development of the technology and post the public service messages via the medium such as Facebook, YouTube and etc. The goal is to convey the messages to all social sectors at a higher speed.

Recently, given that our activities are mainly concentrating on serving the elderly in the first half of 2014, the activities of “New Year Shines The Aged” dinner and “Love For The Elderly- Photograph The elderly”have achieved a great success. The serving content is tending to be more diverse and what come closely are the activities of huge volunteers’ blood-donation activity, the activity of the elder’s party for Mid-Autumn Day festival and the activity of organizing Children to visit the science parks, etc. Furthermore, our association is going to hold huge physical fitness activities in companion with the Kwun Tong District Recreation and Sports Council. Apart from planning parentage activities which are suitable for family attendants and the Ping Pong ball match, the first practiced item was the “Let’s Beat On The Street”break dancing match in 2015 and the goal is to serve all classes in the society with their comprehensive advantages.

You join and supports are warmly welcome as long as you are resolved to build a prosperous and harmonious homeland. Gather endless enthusiasm and generate enormous shine!

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